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CloudEnomics, the FinOps Specialists

CloudEnomics™ provide organisations with independent advice on moving to the public cloud whilst continuously controlling the associated costs. 

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Start your optimizing your cloud usage and drive measurable value from your investment

Optimizing cloud costs is a never ending journey, it starts with crawling, then walking then running to a fully automated financial operations function in your business.


Cloud financial management discipline and culture. Maximize cloud value while controlling costs.

Cyber Security

Puts your mind at rest by providing you with the facts about your organisation’s security posture and how to address related challenges

Cloud Economics

Successfully build your cloud business case with key financial and technical guidance


Insight into carbon emission data associated with IT infrastructure and how to reduce CO2 emission by cloud migration

Our Partners

Cloud and Finop by Numbers


Organizations using

external cloud providers


Cost of overprovisioned infrastructure - running when not needed


Enterprises that rely on hybrid Cloud


Average percentage of cloud spend reduction  enterprises desire to achieve


Average cloud budget reduction by adopting FinOps

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